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HutchInc (3)Welcome to Hutch Construction, Inc., a general contractor based out of North Carolina but continuing to expand every year. Our commitment is quality work on all of our roofing projects. As a commercial and residential general contractor and roofing contractor, we ensure this commitment by personally overseeing each and every project we undertake. This is a level of commitment to you, our loyal customers because we would have never been able to get to where we are at without you!

As a thank you, we offer free estimations on whatever you need and they come at no costs or any obligations!


When a roof can account for as much as 40% of the average home’s exterior, many factors weigh into the choice of materials. Some surfaces are more beautiful than others. Some brands offer a larger variety of styles and colors than others, while some offer a much more modern and pristine appearance than others. Depending on personal preference, we are sure to carry whatever it is you have in mind in our roofing supply. Remember, we only stay in business with those who have proven themselves to us as qualified and ready to stand behind the Hutch Construction name.

Some offer greater resilience or endurance. Some are more affordable. But the one roofing surface which offers all those attributes in balance is the asphalt shingle. If you aren’t convinced of the durability and craftsmanship that goes into asphalt shingles in today’s day and age, please feel free to visit for metal roofing and other more durable options. Just let them know who sent you and they will be sure to take care of you!

If You Want The Most Upscale, Distinctive Roof In Town, Look no further. At Hutch Construction Inc, we have just the roofing shingle you’re looking for.

Better Quality Shingles, Means Longer-Lasting Roofs. At Hutch Construction Inc, our main objectives are to give our customers the best quality products, then professionally install those products, giving every customer the comfort of knowing that they have made a solid investment. CertainTeed makes the best roofing shingles system products on the market, and Hutch Construction Inc will fulfill your need for a highly qualified roofing contractor.

For an idea on some of the projects our guys have been a part of check out one of the most reputable architectural companies that are out there here at ArchDaily.

Contact us today for more information and to Get A Free Quote from a licensed general contractor on any of our exterior home remodeling services.